Faran to Tsukim

A pleasant 30 km. ride, suitable also for families.

The kickstand version

This route, from just south of Moshav Faran, takes you northward, crossing several wadis, and ends at the new settlement of Tsukim. Along the way a few connections back to the main Arava hiway allow you to start in the middle, or cut out before getting to Tsukim, making this a very flexible choice for families.

The whole derailleur

Beginning a few kilometers south of the entrance to Faran, the start of the trail is marked as the southern end of the “Springs route”. Ride in along a short flat stretch until you begin the climb into the “Eshet furrow”, the range of hills running east-west that separates the huge Paran river bed from the smaller wadis to the south. After the steep climb and drop into the furrow, carry on along the road until coming out just west of the greenhouses of Moshav Faran. After passing the fields, the road crosses the Paran, and goes straight north into Wadi Barak, then bends north-eastward. A few more kilometers along and a road splits off to the left. (If you continue straight for another kilometer or so, you’ll exit back at the main hiway).  This leftward fork soon begins several ascents and descents as it hits each of the wadis broadside. Of course, the higher the climbs the better the views.

Along the way there’s another road splitting off to the right (east) to return to the main hiway, and other paths going west, which circle aound some of the hills, and come into Wadi Ashosh from it’s far western end. Staying on the north-south path you’ll eventually come to the “Ashosh Ascent”, a very steep, rocky, but short drop from the ridge down into Wadi Ashosh. Jeep drivers use this ascent to practice breaking their axels… Now, don’t go down, but rather turn around and backtrack 200 meters to the entrance to Wadi Zofar that winds north. This less travelled route is much nicer than the flat road thru Wadi Ashosh (although both routes end at the same place). This wadi Zofar swings back and forth for about 7-8 kilometers and comes out just west of Tsukim. This part of the ride is all downhill, but some stretches of the wadi step over rock ledges nearly a meter high, so make sure your helmet is fastened, and have fun. Once you get to Tsukim, it’s only another 2 kilometers thru the mouth of Wadi Ashosh out to the main hiway.

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