Bike trails

Arava desert bike rides

Here is a map and some details of decent bike rides in the northern Arava. The rides are all about 2-4 hours long. Some important comments before you pedal off:

  1. Summer heat in the Arava is NOT user friendly. From May thru September be sure to be back by 10:00 AM.  As for water, the rule of thumb is one liter per person per hour. So each rider will need to have about 3 liters with him for any of these trails.
  2. Often I ride thru areas that are marked by the army as “firing zones”. You will know you’re entering a firing zone when you pass a big concrete block painted with a warning. These zones are accessible for tourists only on weekends and holidays.
  3. As usual, uphold the rule “Take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but tracks”.
  4. See the table below for downloadable *.gpx or *.kml files. The *.gpx files can be fed into your gps unit. The *.kml can be dropped straight into Google Earth.

On the map above I’ve marked only the off-road sections. Of course, you can plan circular rides by setting out along a road until the turnoff to one of the dirt trails, then making your way back thru the desert. A classic example is the Hatzeva – Ein Tamid ride. You can depart from the Ein Hatzeva hiway stop, take the Zin road (2 km. north) to the west until you reach the top of the rise before decending down to Wadi Zin, then turn south along the dirt paths, and go into wadi Hatzeva to wind east back towards Ein Hatzeva.


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