Riki and I married in 1973, in Jerusalem. We have three daughters, and three grandchildren – so far. Our first eight years together we spent on Kibbutz Malkiya, in the Galillee, where our  first two daughters were born. Today we live on an agricultural  moshav, Idan, in the Arava region of Israel.

Riki and I in Mauritius, 2004
Riki and I in Mauritius, 2004

In 1996 I left farming and started working as the computer network manager at our regional council offices. Shortly after that I got involved in two areas of computers, which have more or less defined my efforts and interests since: GIS and open source software.

Things I’ve written:

  • Commissioned by the IAEA, I composed a  manual for applying GIS techniques to agricultural pest control programs.
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