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Get your GPS locations into Spatialite

Spatialite, built on the shoulders of the popular sqlite single-file database, offers a broad feature set of GIS analysis tools. Getting data into a spatialite database is a snap when you’re starting from a shapefile. But what about GPS data. Here’s a few tips on how to upload data from the standard “GPX” format into a spatialite DB.

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Fedora 13 and FOSS GIS: new gotchas and workarounds

With each new version of FOSS operating systems come new possibilities and new problems. Such is the case with Fedora 13. Fedora developers decided to no longer release statically compiled binaries, only dynamically linked. I won’t pretend to understand all the considerations which lead to this decision. But I’ve found that it floats to the surface some changes when trying to compile the GIS toolkit. So if you want to do the wizardry to setup your freshly installed F13 box as a GIS workstation, then follow the yellow brick road…

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GIS Basics with Quantum GIS

In several GIS training seminars I’ve used a collection of spatial data and exercises to demonstrate and practice some basic GIS operations using Quantum GIS. If you’d like to try out one of the popular open source GIS programs, download this zipped file. (100 MB, and compressed with 7zip). It contains a directory of documents, including the list of exercises, a directory of geospatial data, and several presentations. Continue reading GIS Basics with Quantum GIS