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New Labeling in Quantum GIS

The new labeling setup in QGIS has been around for over a year now, and in the upcoming version it will become the default, replacing the old labeling. This new engine brings some advanced options that are quite worth learning, such as bulding labels from expressions, and conditional labeling. I’ll expand on some of these tricks that have already appeared in other QGIS blogs
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GIS on Scientific Linux 6

Exciting days these for open source GIS users. Debian 6 “Squeeze” is now the stable release, with full support for everything spatial. In the “rpm” camp, since Red Hat’s release of RHEL6 we’re looking forward to an equivalent selection of ready-to-go GIS software. The Fedora folks have been racing around the track to push out updated packages for each new Fedora release.
Developers of CentOS, the popular Red Hat clone, chose to give priority to security updates for the current CentOS 5.5 (a wise decision in my view). Although I’m sure that CentOS 6 is just a stone’s throw down the road. Meanwhile Scientific Linux has inched ahead with their version 6. Those looking to drive an enterprise class GIS workstation can choose the turn by turn steps below to setup GRASS GIS and Quantum GIS on SL 6.0.
So ladies and gents, rev up your engines and let’s get rolling.
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